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Fresh water

The water serves in multiple human interests, which extend from maintenance of public health, economic development and recreation to the preservation of ecological balance.

Surveys and diagnostics of bodies of freshwater are systematic studies of the environmental variables, to identify and evaluate qualitative and quantitative, physical, chemical and biological characteristics of natural resources at a given time. It has to the issue of a technical report on the environmental question. According to the use of water resources, there is a set of criteria and standards for water quality, which vary with its purpose, be it human consumption, industrial or agricultural use, recreation and maintenance of environmental balance.

CTA has a qualified technical team with experience in surveys and Freshwater Bodies Diagnostics, which ensures customer safety and agility in service-related.

Modeling of Environmental Systems

Services Modeling Environmental Systems Fresh Water are composed of a series of processes that involve the construction of environmental scenarios through application of computational and mathematical equations of empirical theories and conceptual - that underlie environmental phenomena of interest - for making diagnoses and predictions that provide the possibility of scaling structure and manage the environment sustainably. The Environmental Systems Modeling Freshwater applies to the following themes:

- Hydrology.

- Hidro-sedimentology and sediment yield in watersheds.

- Hydraulic Structures.

- Behavior of gutter waterways.

- Floods.

- Production of nutrients in river basins and eutrophication of water bodies.

- Dispersion of plumes of organic pollutants in water courses.

- Dispersion and decay of plumes of chemical pollutants in watercourses