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Fresh water

The water quality is directly related to availability and the properties of water, this being the most critical natural resource and likely to impose limits to sustainable human development. The definition of a monitoring program is related to the assessment of water quality and their suitability for the proposed uses required.

The monitoring of fresh water with the task of evaluating the characteristics - physical, chemical and biological - and initiate research in order to diagnose the influence of enterprises operations in surface and underground water resources. Are periodically sampled followed by individual analyzes of the parameters measured in the Legislation CONAMA No. 357/2005, the Water Quality Index - AQI and Trophic State Index - EIT, as well as analyzes of acute and chronic toxicity of the water mass . From a biological standpoint, there are lines of studies ichthyic fauna, carcinoma fauna, malaco fauna, plankton community and Fauna Zoo benthonic.

The CTA has a qualified technical team with experience in Monitoring freshwater Resources, which ensures customer safety and agility in meeting the environmental constraints related.

In this way, the CTA serves many companies, especially in the area of Mining and Metallurgy.